Summer 2018 Update

In what will come as no surprise to those who know me well, I’ve neglected updating my website in spite of lots of exciting news.

I’ve learned that a GM does a lot of painting…

In September I’ll be celebrating the completion of my first year as the General Manager of the Guild Hall Community Theatre in Whitehorse. It’s been a fantastic season in which I’ve learned a lot, and I’m excited for a great season ahead! Auditions are coming up in July, so if you’re a Whitehorse theatre artist, make sure you’re keeping an eye on our website, or The Guild Hall on Facebook.




Since my last update, I’ve also wrapped up performing in Gwaandak Theatre‘s Map of the Land, Map of the Stars with four wonderful performances at Talking Stick Festival in Vancouver.


All told, I was fortunate enough to contribute to a production that carried me across the Yukon for performances in Whitehorse, Dawson, and Carcross, to Ontario for the Impact Festival, and finally to close in Vancouver with Talking Stick. I’m so thankful to Gwaandak for having given me a chance to contribute to such an important and transformative piece.

Help! Poster FinalIn May we concluded another year of our youth theatre program at the Heart of Riverdale with the World Premiere of our exciting new piece Help! Working with the theme of ‘Fear of the Unknown’ our class of 9 students developed a completely original new play through group-writing, scenework, and character development exercises. I’ll be bringing the program back starting next year, so if you’ve got a creative young person in your life who might like to make a play with us next year, keep an eye on The Heart of Riverdale for registration information.


Coming up, my work will be returning to the Imperial Pub in Toronto with a Staged Reading of my newest full-length play Gift Horse on July 28th. There’ll be a talkback with the talented cast and crew afterwards, and though I won’t be able to be in attendance, I invite those of you in Ontario to come and share your perspective on a new piece in progress!






Kill Shakespeare!

Kill Shakespeare BannerI’m happy to announce that I’ll be performing in Kill Shakespeare: A Live Graphic Novel coming up at the Guild Hall in Whitehorse June 2nd – 4th. It’s an official Radio Drama interpretation of the very cool graphic novel, and it’s being produced as a fundraiser for Yukomic-Con 2017.

I’ll be performing as Richard III, Iago, Feste, a Weird Sister, and others. Come out and don’t miss a great cast take on an awesome project for a good cause. Performed in the Guild’s main space, with live foley and extensive video projection it’ll be a real show, and one not to be missed for any Shakespeare or comic fan.

I’ve also done some writing in Shakespearean verse for our awesome lobby presentation, which is a work of art unto itself, definitely not to be missed! Plus, there’ll be lots of cool merch and an auction of cool Shakespearean swag (including an adorable Shakespeare Pug crocheted by the very talented Veronica Derby of The People Who Make Pugs People.)

Check out Kill Shakespeare‘s website, and look out for further info about our production on Facebook and around town! I’ll also be featuring in some staged readings as we approach the Magnetic North Theatre Festival in mid-June, so more updates will come soon.

The Aim of Art

      The mind does an extraordinary amount of work in an instant, as we perform the uniquely human act of making meaning out of the world around us; millions of computations are conducted, countless comparisons drawn, and significance is steadfastly assigned to every stimulus…

      The measure of an artist is how far back through those computations we can get: to bring us back into touch with the instinctual, the innate, the foundational. Closer to the source, and closer to our fundamental humanity – all in some profound knee-jerk of the soul we call art.

The Transplant

Picked up and placed, with such relative ease
trans-national transition
a 13-hour winged tunnel that ends with
the  Great

Laid-over twice-over, of-course
(Calgary & Vancouver) old friends comparatively
the old crowded pot and our new turf,
wild-west and northern frontier all at once.

But the grass is exceedingly green,
the sky lends the distant mountains Doppler’s blue,
and in a quiet valley, nestled somewhere in-between
rests Us. Stressed-Serene
and missing high-speed comforts,
but never so very alive,
planted and growing in foreign soil.

In some ways it’s already more a home
than I’ve had for six years
adrift and saturated in a language not my own
and with my roots’ roots themselves uprooted.
And thus, the age-old familial cutting, pruning and planting
is underway,
as winds of will whisk seedlings borne on buoyant youth
across an expanse of land so great to have once been intraversable in a lifetime,
but which now can be had for five-hundred dollars
and the willingness to pick up and GO.