“When I was a child, my brain was sucked into a jet engine, shattering my mind into billions of fragments and scattering them across the universe! … Luckily, that instant lay on a fault in space-time, granting me status as an object beyond reality – GREATER THAN THE GODS!”

– The Void Chocolate Vendor

T-Shirt 2 BlackEasily the most absurd play in Wicke’s roster, thanks to the unholy collaboration with Jamie Klassen, a close friend of Brandon’s during their time at Stratford Central Secondary School. It was first performed, by a SCSS company featuring both playwrights, for the Sears Drama Festival in 2007. It has since been re-mounted under Wicke’s direction in Toronto during the summer of 2015.

Political buzz-words, pseudo-science, mathematical quandaries, metaphysical absurdities (and a chanting chorus of Fascists) confront the paradox of 100% dark Void Chocolate.

Length: 20 – 30 minutes

Characters: 7 (2 male, 5 gender unspecified)

Keywords: Absurd, Outrageous, Pseudo-Scientific, Anti-Theatre