“Third Person”

In an obscure and unexplored clearing, beyond the bounds of space and fringe flyer smalltime, an ageless, otherworldly being lies waiting to be discovered. It has watched the universe take shape, life sprout from earth’s ancient waters, and stood witness to the entire span of mankind’s past and future. Or, at least, so it would have us believe.

Tormented by nightmares, toothaches, and an existential creature bent on driving our heroes to madness, George and Byron must confront the darkness that awaits us all. The writing’s on the wall…

To-date, the most widely produced of Wicke’s plays, Third Person has been produced at the Kingston Storefront Fringe, University of the Fraser Valley, Brebeuf College School, and F E Madill Secondary School, as well as several productions across Canada by Orphaned Egret Theatre.

The play is particularly unique in its innovative use of projected text, which communicates in real-time with the characters as the manifestation of  the sadistic ‘Third Person,’ a memorable antagonist that audiences will never hear.

C-OutLimbThird Person is available in the anthology Out on a Limb from Signature Editions, edited by Kit Brennan.

Length: 50 minutes

Characters: 2, gender optional

Keywords: Funny, Intellectual, Philosophical, Heartwarming